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      Delivering an enjoyable, seamless experience that meets your needs is our mission—so you can feel supported through each breakthrough.

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      Helping you make a difference in the world is not something we take lightly. That’s why our goals are centered around your journey at Northeastern.

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      Collaboration enables us to meet global challenges effectively and efficiently. Together, we’re challenging the status quo to drive innovation.

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      What the Northeastern community relies on to streamline the pathway to discovery.

       Office 365

      In one whole suite, cloud-based solutions enable teams to work together on everyday tasks and long-term strategies.


      Canvas, the university’s next learning management system (LMS), empowers learners with mobile, social, and cloud-based course content.

      High Performance Research Computing

      Fast, efficient, and intensive, Discovery clusters are available in one advanced system for all community members.


      At the start of the academic year, printing credits can be purchased to redeem at campus libraries, halls, and more.

       Wireless Access

      Community members can enjoy the convenience of NUwave, our reliable wi-fi network providing smooth connectivity.

       Online Security

      ITS ensures a worry-free experience with identity management, two-factor identification, and more digital protection.

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      Each resolved ticket and tech-enhanced supported classroom helps us bolster your progress.


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      Tech News at Northeastern

      Key Things about New Student Email Accounts

      As students and alumni make the transition to the northeastern.edu email domain in Office 365, here are 6 important things to know about these new email accounts.


      Image of the Zoom iOS app icon on a screen

      Stay Safe in Zoom Sessions

      As Zoom’s security and privacy have come into question globally, here are some simple best practices that you can implement immediately to make your sessions more safe.

      Digital Workplace

      Northeastern retiring BlueJeans conferencing platform

      Northeastern University is retiring the BlueJeans video conferencing service in spring 2020 to focus its support on the remaining web […]

      Digital Workplace

      How Students Can Take Advantage of the Microsoft Student Advantage

      Get a step-by-step guide on how to download Microsoft’s applications as a complimentary part of the student experience at Northeastern.

      Digital Workplace

      Celebrate 2FA Success with 4 Duo Best Practices

      Since last April, two-factor authentication (2FA) enrollment has become required for university community members through several waves of enrollment—and it […]

      Digital Workplace

      A sunset over the ISEC building on Northeastern's Boston campus.

      The Sun is Setting on Windows 7

      Microsoft and Northeastern are both ending support for Windows 7. Upgrade to Windows 10 before January 2020.


      Data Destruction Day 2019 Recap

      Simply donating or disposing of your old devices can put you at risk to have your data stolen. But on our annual Data Destruction Day, Procurri Data Security Services comes equipped with the right tools to responsibly destroy hard drives and other forms of data storage.

      From the CIO’s Blog

      Cole W. Camplese serves as the Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer at Northeastern University. He oversees Information Technology Services and the many services that support the needs of the educational, research, administrative activities, and innovative endeavors of the University. As CIO, Camplese is charged with the creation of strategic IT initiatives that align with the University’s mission, culture, and long-term goals. He works closely across the campus community to deliver programs and services that enhance teaching, learning, research, and student experiences.

      Sean O’Connor Named Associate Vice President and CTO

      Sean O’Connor, an accomplished IT executive, has been named associate vice president and chief technology officer in the Office of the Vice Presiden[...]

      The ITS Experience, Shared with You

      Testimonial - Mercy Benazquen

      I joined ITS as a student employee as soon as I started my Master’s in Global Studies and International Relations here at Northeastern University… I have been fortunate to have supervisors who want to see me succeed both at ITS and in my studies and who have made me feel part of the team since day one. . . I am grateful and lucky to be part of Northeastern’s wonderful community both as a student and as an employee.

      Mercy Benazquen

      Receptionist Assistant – Finance and Administration

      Testimonial - Tracy LaMantia

      It’s never boring and there are great people to work with! There are many aspects of my work that translate in providing new technologies and services to the University. Northeastern is rapidly growing into an international organization … This, in turn, gives ITS the opportunity to look outside our industry and bring in innovative technical solutions that will scale, adapt, and support the rapidly changing needs of our constituents.

      Tracy LaMantia

      Manager – Identity and Access Management

      Testimonial - Ken Papai

      We love using AWS, especially its SQS and SNS services, and we are looking forward to the many learning opportunities offered and encouraged by ITS management. I have a tech-savvy and business-savvy manager who gives clear direction and sound advice … ITS teams strive to help each other, especially when teams are in a pinch or our customers need something quickly.

      Ken Papai

      Manager – Data & Systems Integration

      Testimonial - Delante Bess

      I really enjoy working with the people. Everyone I have interacted with is smart, passionate, down-to-earth, and goes out of their way to help when needed.

      Delante Bess

      Developer/Admin – ServiceNow

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